The Plain Where the Palace Stood is the sixth and latest David Grubbs CD. Working with Andrea Belfi (drums, electronics) and Stefano Pilia (guitar) creates a sympathetic groupthink for David. As in the days of Gastr del Sol, songs float in idiosyncratic, exceptionally unhurried arrangements, featuring vocals on just four of the 11 tracks. The welcome return of his distinctive overdriven guitar tone is a highlight of the record.

Track Listing
The Plain Where the Palace Stood
I Started To Live When My Barber Died
Ornamental Hermit
First Salutation
Second Saluation
The Hesitation Waltz
A View of the Mesa
Fugitive Colors
Third Salutation

Cover: Detail of John Sparagana, Untitled BTE #5: Post Earthquake Haiti/Frank Stella, 'Die Fahne Hoch,' 1959, Hélio Oticica, 'Metesquema,' 1958 (2010).

CD, released 2013

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