Black Utopia (Fan edition) includes a book of sketches and notes, interviews with Sun Ra scholars and collaborators, and a 2-LP set, with original music and lectures, packaged in hand-printed sleeves. The records collage together rehearsal moments with spoken passages based around Ra's music.

Record One

Side A: "Gemini"
"Somewhere over the Cosmic Rainbow"
Written and Performed by Krista Franklin
Sun Ra Moog Solo*
"A Time To Keep" Collage #01 - #04"
Sun Ra Rehearsal Recordings*
Arkestral Moniker Montage
Sun Ra Lecture Fragment*

Side B: "Shaped Notes"
256 Hz Tuning Fork*
Piano Tuning*
Sun Ra Rehearsal*
A.A.C.M. Orchestral Tuning*
Sun Ra Solo Piano Performance Live*
Brother Kelan Phil Cohran Conversation

Record Two

Side C: "Speculations"
Sun Ra Rehearsal Lecture*
Dick Gregory: My Brother's Keeper*
Second Stop is Jupiter
Sun Ra & Arkestral Live Performance with Jenkins and June Tyson on Vocals - Location and Date Unkown

Side D: "The Learned and the Learned"
Sun Ra Lectures A Group of Young People as the Arkestra sets up in the background
Alton Abrahm's Ansewring Machine Message Tape
From Angela to Sun Ra (No Man)
Written & Performed by Avery R. Young

Two 12" color swirl vinyl LPs, handbound portfolio covers, 32 page booklet, hand silk-screened jackets and a data DVD
Edition of 40

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