$15.00, including CD

Dark Matter Coffee partnered with John Corbett to produce Vinyl Freak coffee. Inspired by Corbett's book Vinyl Freak, read Dark Matter Coffee's description of this groovy brew below:

"From scouring flea markets and eBay to maxing out their credit cards, record collectors will do just about anything to score a long-sought-after album. In Vinyl Freak, music writer, curator, and collector John Corbett burrows deep inside the record fiend’s mind, documenting and reflecting on his decades-long love affair with vinyl. Discussing more than 200 rare and out-of-print LPs, Vinyl Freak is composed in part of Corbett's long-running DownBeat magazine column of the same name, which was devoted to records that had not appeared on CD. Perfect for vinyl newbies and veteran crate diggers alike, Vinyl Freak plumbs the motivations that drive Corbett and collectors everywhere."

John Corbett is a long time friend and collaborator of DMC, having helped us release the Sun Ra inspired, Astro Black coffee, back in 2014. He latest book dives into the dusty grooves and mesmerizing notes of overlooked albums, giving insight and fortification to both older and neophyte record collectors currently pushing the format to new heights. Vinyl Freak is a book that will inspire music fans of all genres and ages, and you can pick up a copy here.

While the coffee is a tantalizing brew meant to help with those long digging sessions through basements, record stores or garages; it is especially delicious while listening to the vinyl that came from scouring the four corners of the music world. The "vinyl" is a washed Colombian Santa Barbara, with a Sarchimor natural from El Salvador providing the bright, uplifting "music" in every cup.

If you already tossed out your records and player, but still enjoy music, John created a special mixtape so you can still enjoy all that great music he is referring too. The mix can be streamed from our Mixcloud or a super limited CD is available, just comment in the notes section if you would like one."