In the North Gallery, CvsD is pleased to present End World Music, an exhibition of seven new wall-hanging sculptures by Carol Jackson. This is the artist's second show at the gallery. Jackson is a master leather worker and a scholar of various forms of ornamental design, but in her objects she pushes the tropes of both to a perverse new place, investigating fetishy surfaces resembling reptile skin and wood grain, also rough textures parched to cracking, sometimes arranged into tube-like protuberances that seem squeezed out from and back into the wall like an alien limb or errant intestines. The color palette is at once consonant and strange, from bronze patina to bright blues and purples, nonsense words hovering in the margins of a large ornately scalloped frame (obliquely recalling an earlier moment in Jackson's work, when text was a central feature), a veil of leather fringe held back from a cameo of a car crash photo, faux slats of wood hanging below like quaint camp signs, their charm twisted into a question mark and then evacuated and left empty. September 6 - October 12, 2019 Opening reception, Friday September 6, 6-8 pm