Paths of Resemblance: Eight Photographs for Henri Michaux (Grafton: Penumbra Music, 2015). From the introduction by Hal Rammel:

"The photographs in this book utilize a variety of cameraless techniques combining photograms with cliché verre printing from homemade positive and negative images. This layering of multiple exposures offers a diverse set of images, photographs of the unforeseen. The imagined approach and retreat of the familiar preoccupies Henri Michaux in his 1979 exploration of such experience, Saisir, translated by Richard Sieburth into English as Stroke by Stroke (Brooklyn: Archipelago, 2006). Henri Michaux makes vivid and evocative reference in words and drawings to the many possible “paths to resemblance.”

Edition of 39

softcover, 20 pages, 10 x 8 inches
ISBN: 978-1-32-089584-2