CHICAGO – Chicago Tribune writer Kathleen Rooney reviews the fascinating and exhilarating book by artist Magalie Guérin (more…)

CHICAGO – Interview with Margot Bergman published on Inside\Within


NEW YORK – Exhibition Monster Roster: Existentialist Art in Postwar Chicago at Smart Museum selected as Critics’ Pick by Jason Foumberg on Artforum.


CHICAGO – Notes On, the new book by Magalie Guerin, is reviewed in the Chicago Tribune by Kathleen Rooney.

Friday, May 13th, 7pm
at Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery
Event is free and open to the public

As part of the latest manifestation of the transatlantic exchange called The Bridge, taking place at various locations in Chicago, Corbett vs. Dempsey is pleased to present a solo concert by saxophonist Lionel Garçin.  One of the most exciting members of the French improvised music community, Garçin with take an excursion on soprano and tenor saxophones, drawing on his powers of restraint and invention.

Saturday, April 16th, 5pm
at Corbett vs. Dempsey
Event is free and open to the public

Corbett vs. Dempsey is delighted to host a solo performance by Amsterdam based drummer Michael Vatcher. This key member of the thriving Dutch improvised music scene is in Chicago as a member of Available Jelly, performing at Constellation Friday, April 15. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear a great improviser up close and personal.

Photograph by Rüdiger Laske

Bob Gluck
The Miles Davis Lost Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles
Book release and reading, followed by a conversation with John Corbett
Saturday, April 16th, 3pm
at Corbett vs. Dempsey
Event is free and open to the public

Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew is one of the most iconic albums in American music, the preeminent landmark and fertile seedbed of jazz-fusion. Fans have been fortunate in the past few years to gain access to Davis’s live recordings from this time, when he was working with an ensemble that has come to be known as the Lost Quintet. In this book, jazz historian and musician Bob Gluck explores the performances of this revolutionary group—Davis’s first electric band—to illuminate the thinking of one of our rarest geniuses and, by extension, the extraordinary transition in American music that he and his fellow players ushered in.

Gluck listens deeply to the uneasy tension between this group’s driving rhythmic groove and the sonic and structural openness, surprise, and experimentation they were always pushing toward. There he hears—and outlines—a fascinating web of musical interconnection that brings Davis’s funk-inflected sensibilities into conversation with the avant-garde worlds that players like Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane were developing. Going on to analyze the little-known experimental groups Circle and the Revolutionary Ensemble, Gluck traces deep resonances across a commercial gap between the celebrity Miles Davis and his less famous but profoundly innovative peers. The result is a deeply attuned look at a pivotal moment when once-disparate worlds of American music came together in explosively creative combinations.

If you cannot make the event, copies of the book may be purchased here.
Read the review in All About Jazz here.

Corbett vs. Dempsey is pleased to participate in Frieze New York 2016.  Our booth, entitled Eccentric Figuration, is a joint venture with Thomas Dane Gallery, London.

Presenting work by artists from both the CvsD and Dane programs, Eccentric Figuration will consider new potentialities and limits of the human form in painting and sculpture.  The CvsD camp brings new works by Margot Bergman, Kati Heck, Charline Von Heyl, Joyce Pensato, Arlene Shechet, Rebecca Shore, Lui Shtini, John Sparagana, and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, and pieces of varying vintage by Brian Calvin, Llyn Foulkes, Thomas Grünfeld, Robert Lostutter, Barbara Rossi, Diane Simpson, Karl Wirsum, and Jimmy Wright.  The two galleries will present a new painting by Arturo Herrera, represented by both CvsD and Dane.
Open to the public:

Thursday, May 5, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday, May 6, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 7, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday, May 8, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tickets available here