60 Strings in Concert

October 21, 2023

60 Strings In Concert
Saturday, October 21 • 2pm

Corbett vs. Dempsey is delighted to present 60 Strings, an all-pedal-steel trio featuring Justin Brown, Jordan Martins, and Sam Wagster.  Each musician plays a double-neck pedal steel guitar with no effects or signal processing, showcasing the unique sound and expressive possibilities of the steel guitar.  The group creates layered immersive patterns, orchestral textures, hazy vistas, and musical paradoxes.  Hot on the heels of Jordan Martins' new LP Fogery Nagles (Astral Spirits, 2023), this concert takes place in the string-centric environment of Josiah McElheny's exhibition/installation From Red Black to Black, from Blue Black to Black, which features sounds composed by David Grubbs and played on lap steel guitar, first cousin of the pedal steel.

This event is free and open to the public.