Art Basel

June 15 - 18, 2017

Hall 2.1, Booth T6

At Art Basel 2017, Corbett vs. Dempsey will present a Feature booth of paintings by Margot Bergman.

Bergman has been an artist in Chicago since the late 1950s, when she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Now in her early eighties, she is making some of the most exciting and challenging work of her life.  The presentation in Switzerland will survey the last 20 years of her work, starting in the mid-’90s, when she created collaborative paintings using found canvases, painting into them ruthlessly, often discovering human features in non-human images – fruit bowls, scenic landscapes, flower arrangements.  Around five years ago, Bergman began to make larger paintings, leaving behind the found ones but carrying on and evolving the basic feel of the previous work.  Investigating facial imagery that vacillates between brutality, beauty, and hilarity, Bergman has created a unique and personal universe populated with complex individuals – buffeted inside and out – that reveal an uncanny humanity, imperfections that resonate with our own.   

Tickets and more information here.