Bill MacKay in Concert

January 7, 2023

January 7, 2:00 pm

Corbett vs. Dempsey is pleased to present a concert with guitarist Bill MacKay. 

Bill MacKay is an improviser and composer based in Chicago. An accomplished collaborator in duo format with projects that include cellist Katinka Kleijn (Stir, 2019), Nathan Bowles (Keys, 2021), and Ryley Walker (SpiderBeetleBee, 2019), all released on Drag City Records, MacKay has pursued solo guitar investigations with obsessive rigor, releasing seven unaccompanied LPs since 2005, most recently Scarf (2020), also on Drag City. A deep radiance envelopes even MacKay's most dissonant explorations, the electric and acoustic guitar—fretted or played with glass slide—sometimes augmented by piano, bass, percussion, or the Mexican requinto. In his music, tradition is gently warped, heard askew, invited to be reinvented. 

This solo concert by Bill MacKay celebrates the closing day of Brian Calvin's show Something or Other. Calvin, incidentally, is label-mates with MacKay, having released multiple (fantastic) records with the group USA on Drag City.