Concert: Joe McPhee and Daunik Lazro Duo

May 5, 2018

Corbett vs. Dempsey is very proud to present Joe McPhee and Daunik Lazro in concert. This concert is in partnership with The Bridge: A Transatlantic Network for Jazz and Creative Music.

In the six years that The Bridge, the transatlantic network for jazz and creative music, has been establishing and sustaining connections between improvisers from France and the USA, there never was any better description of the necessity of the exchanges than Joe McPhee’s: “We engage in conversations on multiple levels, we learn from each other, about each other, about our experiences of the world, about our own histories and our pasts, our families and how we got here, at this place in this exact moment. So it’s more than the road, it’s an epic… It the type of thing, I think, we need to develop in the world at large: we are very different in so many ways, but we are not separate.”

In the mine of sounds, where music is a vein, the saxophones (and related horns) load what the double basses extract. The double basses crush what the saxophones beat and pour this in the bin of rhythms, a weave of lashed cymbals and breathless skins. For those who are still in doubt, Joe McPhee reminds “Someone described me the musician as such: ‘where does this come from? From the idea of making magic with the muses.’ That embraces rather accurately what we consider to be music.” And to do this, Lazro explains: “the method has not changed (since it bore great fruits): it is through open improvisation that music occurs, welcoming lyricism as much as abstraction, the pulse that can neighbor silence, expressionism, or dream.”

The event is free and open to the public, starting at 3pm.

Image credit:  Rémi Angéli