Dusty Groove

July 16, 2016

Holy smokes, people, Dusty Groove is turning 20 years old!!!  Corbett vs. Dempsey invites you to join us as we help celebrate two decades of record and CD delirium with a one-day exhibition of works on paper by Plastic Crimewave, the same drawings he used for his legendary “Secret History of Chicago Music” series in the Chicago Reader, and a free concert of creative jazz by the Meridian Trio. Festivities begin at noon and the concert kicks off at 2pm. Dusty Groove will be hosting additional family friendly activities outside on Haddon Street, including prizes and giveaways. Additional details on the day can be found here. This event is free and open to the public. Getting your Groove on is mandatory!


One day exhibition  
Plastic Crimewave
Saturday, July 16, 12-5pm

For more than ten years, Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) has been drawing music history, documenting the least illuminated corners of soul, funk, rock, jazz, and other genres in the Windy City.  Often seen in the Chicago Reader, his “Secret History of Chicago Music” was finally compiled last year in a glorious and informative book titled My Kind of Sound: The Secret History of Chicago Music, published by Curbside Splendor.  As part of the celebration of Dusty Groove’s 20th, CvsD will exhibit a group of these drawings, which will be available for sale.  Come and get edified and entertained at the same time!


Meridian Trio
Saturday, July 16, 2pm

Meridian Trio features Chicago-based musicians Nick Mazzarella (alto and soprano saxophone), Matt Ulery (bass) and Jeremy Cunningham (drums). The project is dedicated to exploring the intersection of the jazz tradition with the American avant-garde, developing a repertoire of Mazzarella’s original music, and investigating the compositional and textural possibilities of collective improvisation within the saxophone trio setting. One of the most active working bands in the Chicago music scene, the trio frequently performs at venues throughout the city, and is in the process of preparing its first album for release in 2017.