Our Legacies, Ourselves

October 22, 2015

In conjunction with sculptor Laura Davis’ SOLO exhibition “Legacy of Loneliness” at Threewalls, which, amongst other themes, grapples with the predominantly male history of modern sculpture, “Our Legacies, Ourselves: Contemporary women sculptors discuss their relationship to the history of modern sculpture” brings together a panel of respected women artists who, like Davis, are interested in reflecting on the role gender has played in the process of their development (pedagogical, artistic, and professional) and self-identification as sculptors.

Panelists include Laura Davis, Kelly Kaczynski, Heather Mekkelson, and Diane Simpson.
Moderated by Julia Klein.

Through a discussion of their distinct relationships with the mainstream history of modern sculpture, the sculptors on this panel will present personal interpretations of the sculptural legacy they’ve inherited.

Presented in partnership with Soberscove Press.

More information available here.