Peter Brötzmann

October 27, 2007

FREE PERFORMANCE: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007, 2:00pm

CHICAGO: Please join us at the gallery  for a live performance of alto saxophone and clarinet solos by Peter Brötzmann.  One of the pioneer free improvisors in Europe, Brötzmann’s legendary recording Machine Gun has just been reissued on CD.  The cover painting, from the same period as the music, is on display along with many recent paintings and constructions.  Saturday’s performance will offer a rare opportunity to see and hear Peter Brötzmann in the same space

A 96 page full-color catalog is available.  ($10 during the exhibition, $20 later.)  A limited edition (200 copies) CD of Peter Brötzmann and bassist Harry Miller will be available for the first time at the opening. The first 50 copies of the catalog come with signed, numbered CDs. Catalogs with signed copies of the CD are available for $30.

(photo, above:  Michael Jackson)