Thomas Kapsalis Black + White, etc

January 26 - March 10, 2018

Main Gallery


Thomas Kapsalis

oil on canvas on panel
50 x 40 inches

Installation View

Press Release

Opens Friday, January 26, 2018, 6-8 PM

In the East Wing, CvsD is delighted to present Thomas H. Kapsalis, Black & White, Etc. A youthful nonagenerian, Kapsalis is one of the great figures in Chicago painting, an unreconstructed modernist and a ferociously original abstract painter who taught at the School of the Art Institute for over 50 years.  This small exhibition concentrates on a body of work he started to make during the Vietnam War, when, as an act of protest, he eliminated color from the canvases.  Three of these will be in the show, two of them small, gem-like Cubistic studies of a table, and one a larger work made out of basic building blocks of form in painting – point, line, plane, volume. Black & White, Etc. celebrates Kapsalis’s brilliant work, his subtle act of defiance, and it also launches a beautiful zine made by Terri Kapsalis and Christa Donner, Tom Kapsalis’s Protest , which will be available at the opening and during the show.

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