David Hartt reviewed in The Architect’s Newspaper

Dec. 9, 2019

ELKINS PARK –The main sanctuary of the Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Beth Sholom Synagogue was reimagined by artist David Hartt for The Histories (Le Mancenillier).

Drew Zeiba writes “The Histories (Le Mancenillier), overtakes the Wright’s bold structure without overwhelming it. Entering through the back, as most people do, you’ll encounter a large flat screen on black scaffolding, about human height, though much larger than any human being. On it, plants move and flow, including orchids and fronds. An occasional white X flashes across the screen, a reference to Snow, whose structuralist films considered the presence of the camera and materiality of that more analog medium. Video is not as tangible a thing as celluloid film, and so here the X seems to index the physicality of the screens (another monitor be found, oriented vertically, across the synagogue).

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